Third Party Reviews

Morgan DeBeir | November 30, 2018 |

"Being new to the area, I needed a place that I could get into quickly. I have been going here know for over a year and have always been treated well. I have not had a bad cut nor had to wait for long periods of time. If you value your time as I do and like to look your best, this is the place."

Rudy M. | November 24, 2018 |

"Came in today after signing in online. There was a problem and I had to sign in again once inside. I had a 12 minute wait for my preferred stylist as she had someone in her chair. After she was finished I expected to be called soon. Another guy comes in who appears to know an older Asian lady which I believe may have been a manager or supervisor. Well after a bit of arguing between her and the receptionist who told her I was next this manager let this guy go ahead of me. Mind you he arrived after me. I am not the kind to argue but I also do not spend my money where there is poor customer service. I have been going here for years but after today never again. There are plenty of places to get your hair cut so I will find another."

Jose Escobar | October 11, 2018 |

"Excellent customer service. Nuff Said."

Martinzie Watkins | September 17, 2018 |

"You can’t go wrong here fast and nice. To top it off they do a good haircut"

Stefan 929 | September 04, 2018 |

".friendly place to get a haircut! Quality work"

Ruthie Smith-Land | September 04, 2018 |

"We absolutely love Sport Clips. My son loves all the ladies there and they always do amazing work with his light blonde hair. They ALWAYS do a great job with precise cuts and styles. Not to mention they’re patient. 😊"

Joey Starr | September 04, 2018 |

"Friendly staff. I got several good haircuts here. Busy area so plan or call ahead."

Rob Foit | September 05, 2018 |

"My last trip to Sport Clips, I used the online check in. Once I arrived, I checked in at the front so they knew I was there and kept getting passed over. I kept getting told I was next and kept getting passed over. I left and went to Great Clips where the online check-in worked as it should and got the same haircut for less."

Vaibhav Rana | September 05, 2018 |

"Got a hair cut but below average. Will not go next time there. Still searching for a good salon in my area."

Parker C. | July 31, 2018 |

"extremely disappointed. made a yelp account so i could leave this review. ive come to this location before and each time i have gotten a haircut similar to what i ask for. but this time i was completely ignored. i booked mei because i had a decent haircut by her last time a few months ago. she recognized me so when i sat down my first words were "i'm cutting my hair differently." and proceeded to show a picture and explained the haircut i desired. multiple times i said i want the sides faded longer with a 2 with the shortest point being at .5-1 at the bottom. then on the top i asked for some length and a different style entirely. i asked her to cut my hair in a forwards fringe motion and showed several pictures showing this. she shaved a .5 entirely on my sides with a tiny bit of fade at the top fading into maybe a 1. not even. then only asked my opinion after it was too late. i have an undercut quiff basically and just cut my hair into the same as last time. there is no length in the front whatsoever resembling any type of fringe. there is no style to it and no fade into the sides whatever. i asked for it to be connected and its completely disconnected. when going to style my hair she proceeds to style it in an upwards motion with a massive amount of gel which i would have opted out for if given the option. i jerked my head away realizing its too late and she has cut my hair too short to do any sort of style i asked for. i then stated this is not what i asked for. i asked for this to be cut forwards. not upwards. i wanted length in the front. i do not style my hair upwards ever. and she laughed and said it looks good. which i then had to take over and try to salvage some style to the mess of a haircut i received. she rushed through my haircut. my sideburns arent even or straight for the matter. had she listened and not rushed through and thought she knew what i wanted maybe she could of provided a decent haircut but that was not the case. it would be one thing if i didnt say anything either but i did. she just laughed it off. um no. i'm telling you this isn't right? or if i gave unclear instructions. but i showed several face on pictures and to the side pictures resembling a modern fringe. in fact. this is the pciture i showed the most. and the picture i asked the sides to fade like. i will not be returning. i very very dissatisfied."